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-XCube_AbstractProperty [Abstract] The base class which implements XCube_PropertyInterface, for all properties +このページは書きかけです。 
-XCube_AbstractRequest + 
-XCube_AbstractServiceClient [Experiment Class] The adapter for a service class +[[]] 
-XCube_ActionFilter [Abstract] Used for initialization, post-processing and others by the controller + 
-XCube_ActionForm [Abstract] Fetches input values, valudates fetched values and passes them to some object +*MVC Reference [#sb8191be
-XCube_Base [Abstract] Base class +** Controller Classes [#u97f073e
-XCube_BoolArrayProperty Represents bool[] property. XCube_GenericArrayProperty<XCube_BoolProperty> +[[XCube_ActionForm]] 
-XCube_BoolProperty Represents bool property +Legacy_TextFilter 
-XCube_ConfigFile Class for quickly loading settings from a ini format text file and overriding +** Model Classes [#e4a57bc4
-XCube_Controller +XoopsSimpleObject 
-XCube_Delegate [Final] Used for the simple mechanism for common delegation in XCube +XoopsObjectGenericHandler 
-XCube_DelegateManager Manages for delegates +CriteriaCompo 
-XCube_DelegateUtils Utility class which collects utility functions for delegates +Criteria 
-XCube_FieldProperty [Abstract] Used for validating member property values of XCube_ActionForm +** View Classes [#z0552584]
-XCube_FileArrayProperty Represents the special property[] which handles uploaded file. XCube_GenericArrayProperty<XCube_FileProperty> +
-XCube_FileProperty Represents the special property which handles uploaded file +
-XCube_FloatArrayProperty Represents float[] property. XCube_GenericArrayProperty<XCube_FloatProperty> +
-XCube_FloatProperty Represents float property +
-XCube_FormFile +
-XCube_FormImageFile +
-XCube_GenericArrayProperty [Abstract] Defines common array property class which implements XCube_PropertyInterface +
-XCube_GenericRequest +
-XCube_HttpContext +
-XCube_HttpRequest +
-XCube_Identity +
-XCube_ImageFileArrayProperty XCube_GenericArrayProperty<XCube_ImageFileProperty> +
-XCube_ImageFileProperty This is extended XCube_FileProperty and limits uploaded files by image files +
-XCube_IntArrayProperty Represents int[] property. XCube_GenericArrayProperty<XCube_IntProperty> +
-XCube_IntProperty Represents int property +
XCube_PageNavigator XCube_PageNavigator
-XCube_PropertyInterface [Abstract] Defines a interface for the property class group 
-XCube_Ref [Final] This class is an expression of reference in delegation mechanism for PHP4 
-XCube_RenderOpCollection [FINAL] 
-XCube_RenderOperation [FINAL] 
-XCube_RenderTargetSequenceGroup [FINAL] 
-XCube_Root [FINAL CLASS] The root object which collects exchangable managers 
-XCube_Service [Abstract] This class is a collection for functions 
-XCube_ServiceClient [Abstract] Interface to be used for accessing a Service 
-XCube_StringArrayProperty Represents string[] property. XCube_GenericArrayProperty<XCube_StringProperty> 
-XCube_StringProperty Represents string property 
-XCube_TextArrayProperty Represents string[] property which allows CR and LF. XCube_GenericArrayProperty<XCube_TextProperty> 
-XCube_TextProperty Represents string property which allows CR and LF 
-XCube_Utils The utility class collecting static helper functions 

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