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コンテンツ(Wiki) : fetch () [Legacy_ActionForm]

fetch ()

	Fetches values through the request object.

get ($key, $index=null)

	Gets raw value.

getErrorMessagesEdit ()

	Gets error messages.

getFormPropertiesEdit ()

	Gets form properties of this member property.

getToken ()

	Gets the token value of this actionform's token.

getTokenErrorMessageEdit ()

	Gets message about the failed validation of token.

getTokenNameEdit ()

	Gets the token name of this actionform's token.

getVar ($key, $index=null) hasError ()

	Gets a value indicating whether this action form keeps error messages or error flag.

Legacy_ActionFormEdit ()


load (&$obj)

	[Abstract] Initializes properties' values from an object.

prepare ()

	[Abstract] Set up form properties and field properties.

set ()

	Set raw value as the value of the form property.

setVar ()

	update (&$obj)
	[Abstract] Updates an object with properties's values.

validate ()

	Validates fetched values.

XCube_ActionFormEdit ()


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